Jennifer London , Administrative Program Manager
271 Lincoln Street
Lexington, MA 02421
(508) 782-2433

Wildflower is dedicated to serving children and families who have experienced the death of a parent. We provide the gifts of camp, enriching experiences, and consistent, long-term support to help families strengthen their resilience and create positive opportunities for the future.

Our unique program provides individually tailored support for grieving families. Wildflower provides emotional and logistical support to the surviving parent and the opportunity for at-risk children to receive the incredible experiences that summer camp brings. Our Family Liaison Team is a keystone of our program. Each family is paired with a family liaison, a trained human services professional, who works with the parent and their children by lending a listening ear, helping them find best-fit camps for their children, and providing referrals to grief programs and other resources when needed. Wildflower’s program of placing grieving children in a supportive camp community, surrounded by mentors and counselors and opportunities to master new skills, facilitates healing and increases their resilience. In addition, Wildflower provides advocacy, camp tuition negotiation, and financial support to make camp and enrichment opportunities possible to help families rebuild their lives after loss. We strive to place our children in the best-fit camp for each child, with their interests and the entire family's needs in mind. We place our campers in traditional day or overnight, and specialty (e.g., sports/arts/travel/service/adventure) camps close to home, throughout the Northeast, across the U.S., and internationally.

Once a child becomes a Wildflower camper, we support them for as long as our assistance is needed, up to age 18. Even as our Wildflower teens move beyond their camping years, we continue to support them through our college planning program, developed to assist families and teens as they begin to navigate the admissions process. We have partnered with college counseling and standardized test preparation organizations to provide workshops for teens and parents regarding the application process and financial aid. Wildflower staff works with our partners to provide test preparation tutoring and individualized college planning services at a reduced cost.

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