The Winter Walk

Ari Barbanell , Executive Director
801 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 414-5577

The Winter Walk is an event and initiative that believes ending homelessness is within our reach. Our mission is to raise awareness and funds towards that goal, and to support organizations in Greater Boston that are working on prevention, support, and care for our homeless community.

In February 2017 we launched Boston's inaugural Winter Walk and made strides to end homelessness. Raising awareness and funds for ten of Boston's non-profit organizations working to alleviate suffering and address the root causes that give rise to homelessness. We raised just under three-quarters of a million dollars with our most recent walk in 2021, and 100% of event proceeds went directly to our partner organizations. The 6th annual Winter Walk will be held on February 13, 2022.  This 2 mile walk through the streets of Boston during the coldest month of the year will begin and end on Copley Plaza. Participants, housed and unhoused, will walk together and then share a meal together as we hear real stories from Boston’s homeless population. Participants are also allowed to complete the two mile march virtually from a location of their choosing.

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