Shilpa Hampole, Activities Manager
645 Wool Creek Drive
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 217-9587

Since 1997, Sunday Friends has been offering day-long programs on Sundays that bring together very low-income families to work together, learn together, earn together, and share in the healthy, warm, productive, mutually-supportive community.

Family members engage in hands-on learning arts and carfts activities, create gifts for children in hospitals and for nursing home residents, and prepare and serve healthy meals. They attend classes for health, nutrition, and computer skills. Through their participation, family members earn "tickets," the currency of Sunday Friends, redeemable for essential goods from the Treasure Chest.

Our Model?

Children and parents work together to learn, earn, and serve the community.

Our Volunteers are Teachers and Role Models

Your job is to assist children in contributing to the project, even if it means that the progress is slowed or the quality is lessened. You are there to help the children be successful. You are also there to share fun and laughter.

At all times, please remember that the quality of your interactions and the behaviors and attitudes you model are more important than anything we might produce. While we love to create delicious food and dazzling art, we are there primarily to teach.

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