School on Wheels Los Angeles

3150 N San Fernando Rd, Ste B
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(805) 641-1678

School on Wheels is a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 by a retired schoolteacher. We provide homeless kids with everything they need for school, including backpacks, school supplies, scholarships and one-on-one tutoring. The heart of School on Wheel's program is the volunteer tutors who come from all backgrounds and professions with a shared goal - to reach out to a child, to teach, to mentor, and to assist in their educational life.

School on Wheels trains and matches volunteer tutors with children experiencing homelessness. Our volunteer tutors work with their student for one hour, once a week throughout the year. This program provides students with a consistent support system at a time of great stress and fear. We operate in six Southern California counties, and the majority of our tutoring happens in public locations at shelters, libraries and schools. We also have a digital program, including learning centers throughout the region. The largest of these is the Skid Row Learning Center in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Finally, we offer every student in our program brand new school supplies and backpacks so they can feel proud and comfortable at school.

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