San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living

Keyatta Shade , Director, Volunteer Services
302 Silver Avenue
San Francisco , CA 94112

Our Mission is to enrich the lives of older adults. Our Vision is to become a regional resource as an integral part of a continuum of care throughout the Bay Area that provides senior adults with a variety of life enriching programs and services that are accessible, promote individual dignity, encourage independence, connect them to their community, and reflect the social, cultural, and spiritual values of Jewish tradition.

Help us bridge the perceived divide that exist between older adults and young people and demonstrate the many benefits of international connection including but not limited to: Making young people more comfortable with having conversations with both older adults in their own families and in society at large and Preventing isolation amongst older adults

We serve older adults through skilled nursing, short term rehabilitation, and long term residencies, and are also in the midst of opening an assisted living facility. Programs include arts and crafts, technology training, music appreciation, games like bingo and poker, companionship and much more. We serve everyone and are open to all volunteers regardless of religion, ethnicity, gender identity or sexual preference.

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