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Suzanne Ryan
1 Southside Rd
Danvers, Massachusetts 01923
(978) 624-2318

The Northeast Arc helps people with disabilities become full participants in the community; choosing for themselves how to live, learn, work, socialize and play.

Northeast Arc was founded in 1954 by parents of children with developmental disabilities who wanted to raise their sons and daughters as full members of the community. By having the courage to challenge professionals who told them their children could not be educated and would not live to become adults, these parents created the systems that enabled them to attend public schools, develop friendships, reside in the neighborhoods of their choice and to earn a paycheck. Over the years, our programs have expanded to support children and adults with a broader range of disabilities, including autism and physical disabilities. Today we serve approximately 15,000 people in nearly 190 cities and towns. The goal of the Northeast Arc is to ensure that children and adults with disabilities are able to live, work, engage in civic life and play in the community. We work toward that goal by offering a wide variety of programs including Autism Services, Day Habilitation, Deaf Services, Early Intervention, Employment Services, Family Support, Personal Care Assistance, Recreation, Residential and Transition Services.

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Immediate needs

Needed By:

April 30, 2021


ArcWorks Community Art Center provides  provide artistic opportunities to people with disabilities. The staff at ArcWorks need a variety of supplies to be able to support artists and host in-person and virtual art classes.

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Suzanne Ryan

1 Southside Rd

(978) 624-2318

Items Needed:

  • Stretched canvases, standard sizes (such as 16' x 20')

  • Paper (Drawing paper, Bristol Board)

  • Acrylic paints

  • Brush sets

  • Paint sets for home use with multiple colors

  • Student grade or store brand paints in the following colors:

    • Titanium white

    • Mars black

    • Cadmium red, medium or light

    • Cadmium yellow, light or medium

    • Yellow ochre

    • Browns: burnet sienna, raw umber

    • Greens: hooker green, sap green, forest green

    • Blues: cerulean, cobalt

  • Painters tape, tape, rubber cement

  • Frames and equipment for hanging