Immigrant Family Services Institute (IFSI)

Morgan Sutton , Volunteer Liaison
1626 Blue Hills Ave
Mattapan, MA 02126

IFSI is a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts committed to improving the lives and increasing the opportunities for recent immigrants and their families. 

Although IFSI targets the whole family structure and has programs for everyone, one of the focuses is on providing a space for kids to learn. For children aged 4 through high school, IFSI offers an after-school program where students come on Zoom to receive help with their homework and connect with other students their age. We also offer enrichment activities for our kids such as music lessons, dancing, fitness, art, bookclub and coding club. 

Although IFSI began as an in-person program, we have been operating virtually due to COVID-19 and have found a way to use Zoom to connect virtually with our students. All volunteering opportunities are also currently virtual. 

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