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Courtney Kramer, Development and Communications Associate
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Families First’s mission is to bring parents of young children together in their communities to strengthen their parenting knowledge, skills, and support systems. Founded in 1988, Families First provides high-quality parenting education programs that are rooted in current research and proven to result in positive family outcomes. After more than thirty years of experience, we now provide Boston’s most comprehensive program for early childhood parenting education, family engagement, and parent leadership: the Power of Parenting™ program.

Families First’s Power of Parenting program offers parents 12 sessions of interactive, strengths-based parenting education that strengthens parents’ knowledge of child development and helps them build new skills to promote their children’s learning, confidence, and self-esteem. As a result of the Power of Parenting program, children gain a strong foundation for lifelong learning, well-being, and success.

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Families First Parenting Programs