Bridge to Skate

Chantelle Heroux , Founder
1785 Anaheim Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(607) 435-9393

Become empowered!

Bridge to Skate empowers today’s youth to take control of their lives, using skateboarding as a vehicle for creative expression and a way of owning their own wheels. With ownership comes pride; with pride comes responsibility. And with support comes a safe and secure organizational structure that enables kids to reach their full potential.

YOUNG ADULT years are a challenge for everyone, regardless of age or socioeconomic conditions. Bridge to Skate is based on the idea that skateboarding offers a joyful experience and shared sense of purpose – and that by participating together, kids can develop the skills they need to support each other and their community, and to determine their own destiny.

BTS is built on a platform of creative programming that enables kids to broaden their skills as well as their personal horizons. The best trick is to click!