Beantown Baby Diaper Bank

Rachel Segaloff, Founder
27 Nickerson Road
Lexington, MA 02421

The mission of Beantown Baby Diaper Bank is alleviate diaper need by providing clean diapers to babies, ages 0 - 3, in the Waltham, Lexington and surrounding areas. 

Diaper banks, like food banks, provide clean diapers to families in need, as diapers are not covered by any form of government assistance (i.e. SNAP or WIC). Diaper need has a negative ripple effect on both caretakers and their babies. An inadequate supply of disposable diapers can prevent caretakers from going to work or school, perpetuating the poverty cycle. It can also lead to increased susceptibility to depression. For babies, prolonged use of a soiled diaper leaves the baby more susceptible to infection and other health issues. 

Beantown Baby Diaper Bank provides diapers to local organizations, including Diaper Depot in Waltham, the Lexington Food Pantry and REACH.  

The majority of Beantown Baby Diaper Bank's diaper supply relies on donations from young families, parent groups, preschools, schools, individuals, and companies that run diaper drives.