Bay Area Children's Theatre

6114 La Salle Ave. Suite 431
Oakland, CA 94611

Who We Are

Bay Area Children's Theatre is the foremost theatre company for young audiences in California.  Our award-winning productions and educational programs have reached more than 700,000 kids and adults over the past 16 years.  We are imaginative thinkers who collaborate to bring children of all backgrounds shared experiences that inspire joy, empathy, and creative thinking. You are our community!

Educational Values

Children thrive when they learn to think creatively and have access to experiences that unleash their imaginative power.

Five Pillars of Creative Thinking:

Bay Area Children's Theatre celebrates the power of imagination. We know that the next generation has the power to change the world, but we must give them the tools to dream big, work together, and envision a brighter future. So Bay Area Children's Theatre anchors all of our programming in the process of learning Creative Thinking.

  • Imagination: Opens the mind to possibility and empathy

  • Storytelling: Humans connect and learn through story

  • Collaboration: The best ideas come when we know how to work together as a team

  • Self-Expression: Learning to express yourself in words and art allows you to make a unique contribution to the world

  • Critical Analysis & Feedback: When we listen thoughtfully and respond, we learn from each other and grow

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