Arts For Little Hearts

Colin And Tyler Michna , Co-Founders
62 Alba Road
Wellesley, MA 02481

Arts for Little Hearts represents a non-profit charity which brings to life the vision of two young brothers. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can participate, creating “arts/handicrafts” which will be delivered  to hospitalized children (the “little hearts”) worldwide.

  • By creating “arts” to give to hospitalized children (the “little hearts”), volunteers who give and the children who receive, will share love, kindness and compassion. The “arts” can represent any handicrafts. Children from all over the world can create art projects, either small individual projects or larger group projects, which they will then donate to individual children who are hospitalized. When a hospitalized child receives a hand-made craft that was created specifically for him/her through a Arts for Little Hearts “ creator" volunteer, it will make him feel special, loved and inspired. These art projects can be done by individuals or, can represent school or class projects, community service organizations - entire schools, grades, communities, or classrooms can individually or as a group create art work to deliver to children in hospitals. This project will cross all cultures and continents.

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