Art Resource Collaborative for Kids (ARCK) Incorporated

Sara Demeter, Executive Director
36 Bromfield Street Suite 301
Boston, MA 02108

Mission - ARCK ignites the imagination of under-resourced students to create a more fair and impartial world.

ARCK is a 501 c 3 nonprofit Boston based, ARCK uses art as a vehicle to empower students to become better learners, thinkers, and creators. Our Teaching Artists deliver hands-on lessons in the Boston Public Schools.  With ARCK, students build self-confidence and leadership skills, connect with their identities, cultures, and communities, and see themselves as creative problem-solvers who have an impact on their neighborhoods and the wider world. Since 2012, ARCK has served approximately 2000 underserved students in kindergarten through grade 8. 

Our Vision:  Education + Imagination = inspiration

ARCK partners with Boston Public Schools in underserved communities to offer our programs during in-school time free to students.  

Our core K-8 program supports classroom learning objectives by integrating high-quality visual arts education with classroom academics. ARCK’s teaching artists work alongside classroom teachers, aligning our three modules: Leadership, Civic Engagement, and Social Awareness with current classroom topics and the school’s academic objectives.

Too often our current education system fails to convert knowledge-based education into imagination and innovation.  The integration of art education and classroom academics unlocks the innovative spirit and helps students develop social-emotional skills, English Language Learning skills, and fosters culture and community - all stepping stones to becoming our next leaders, innovators, thinkers, and creators.

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