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Why Partner with PGK?

As a partner, we can connect you directly with kids, teens, and families looking to give back. Simply create a free profile and list your youth-friendly volunteer service activities in our web app through one simple, easy process.

Partners in our network are also invited to participate in our annual Create The Change Day events, hands-on service days for youth that bring together hundreds of people to serve their communities and create positive change.

Free Marketing Tool

Helping nonprofits connect with youth is the core of our mission. Listing your activities and events on our platform is FREE.

As a partner, we promote your activities and events through our website, social media channels, newsletters, annual Create the Change Day, and more.

Engaged, Young Volunteers

When kids and teens find their own opportunities through our app, and connect directly with causes they believe in, they’re more focused and engaged in the work.

Not to mention, kids and teens are great at sharing what they know about your organization – sharing is what they do!

Capacity Building Opportunity

Positive service experiences for youth have ripple effects. Partners connect to larger pipelines of volunteers and donors of all ages simply by including young people.

Engaging young volunteers in meaningful ways can also turn them into decades-long volunteers and donors.

“We love working with PGK! Partnering with PGK allows young volunteers to connect with our program in a way that is not always possible otherwise.”

– Katie Ardrey, Doc Wayne

Cards made by PGK volunteers for Hope and Comfort in Boston, MA

Partner Case Studies

See how partnering with PGK has made a hugely positive impact on our partners’ missions.

“[PGK] is extremely responsive, collaborative, and helpful, making it easy for us.”

– Emma Milford, Room to Grow

How does it work?

If you are a nonprofit organization with youth volunteer service activities, we want to hear from you! Our process is simple.

Step 1:  Connect with our team
Step 2:  Sign our collaboration agreement
Step 3:  Create a profile (we’ll send you a link!)
Step 4:  List your activities and events

Super simple, right?