Partner Case Study: Hope and Comfort

Partner Case Study

Hope and Comfort in Boston increased youth participation by over 2200% by partnering with Project Giving Kids!

This case study has been approved by Hope and Comfort.

Cards made by PGK volunteers for Hope and Comfort in Boston, MA

About Hope and Comfort

Hope and Comfort provides essential hygiene products such as soap, toothpaste, and deodorant to low income and homeless children and adults in the Greater Boston area. Hope and Comfort distributes over 300,000 essential personal hygiene items annually, serving over 50,000 children and adults every year.

Key Objectives

  1. Increase youth volunteer participation with and beyond existing program
  2. Use existing infrastructure, considering limitations of staff & physical space

How We Achieved That Objective

Hope and Comfort joined PGK as a partner in mid-2016. We added their existing activity, creating greeting cards for the kids who receive hygiene kits, to our online Activities tool in 2016, and to our YouthGive app in 2017, when it launched.

Kids across the country connected with Hope and Comfort through PGK’s website and our mobile app.

In 2016 and 2017, Hope and Comfort participated in our Create the Change Day events, and PGK secured sponsors for in-kind donations for assembling hygiene kits, and handled all the logistics and publicity.

Key Results

  • In 2016, through PGK Hope and Comfort increased youth participation by 1200%
  • In 2017, they doubled that, and PGK volunteers were 34% of their total volunteer force
  • As of June 2018, youth participation has increased by over 2,200% since joining PGK!
  • Through PGK, Hope and Comfort has been able to serve 800 additional children and adults in homeless shelters in the Greater Boston area.
  • They didn’t need to add organizational infrastructure to do any of it!

“It’s very easy to work with PGK. They are very responsive. We look at PGK to see the best way to inform and recruit youth volunteers online, since nearly everyone looks online first for volunteering opportunities instead of calling directly. Working with them has been great, and we very much enjoy Create the Change Day every year.”

– Pat Flaherty, Operations and Community Outreach Manager, Hope and Comfort