The Give Back Hour

Do you have an hour to give?

Join PGK monthly for an hour of virtual service from the comfort of your home or school. Much like our popular sessions during Create the Change® Week 2020, each of these hour-long sessions will explore one of our cause areas and involve an act of service to benefit one of PGK’s nonprofit partners. Sessions are being planned for the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Sign up for our newsletter to be alerted when new sessions are added.

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April - Save the Planet

Earth is home to every single one of us, and every single one of us has a responsibility to take care of this home. So many living creatures depend on us to do so, and future generations ' realities are tied to what we do today. Join us to learn and take action in protecting and preserving our beautiful planet.

Gratitude Art for Firefighters Protecting Our Communities

Presented By: Creative Visions

When: Wednesday, April 14 at 5:30 Eastern / 2:30 pm Pacific

Where: On Zoom

Who: All Ages

How: Click here to register

Why: Firefighters are often on the front lines of climate change, battling blazes that require bravery, patience, and determination. In recent years, fires have become more frequent and more intense. Help us say "thank you" to these frontline heroes through art that shows our gratitude AND learn more about why these blazes should concern us all and what can be done to address them.

Making Bee Bombs to Help Develop Pollinator Habitats

Presented by: Victory Programs

When: Wednesday, April 28 at 5:30 Eastern / 2:30 pm Pacific

Where: On Zoom

Who: All Ages

How: Click here to register

Why:  Help us make seedles, or little seed "bombs" made of kitty litter, compost, and seeds that guerrilla gardeners can plant literally anywhere. Whether thrown onto the banks of a river or deposited alongside a mountain trail, the colorful eggs are meant to grow into beautiful flowers that will help bees thrive.

March - Aid the Elderly

Companionship and comfort during the later years can mean so much, especially to those who are more isolated and have fewer opportunities for community than they did before. You can bring joy to older adults through simple acts of kindness and thoughtfulness.

DIY Pillows for the Elderly

Presented By: The San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living

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Caring Cards for Isolated Older Adults

Presented by: Jewish Family & Children's Services of Greater Boston

When: Wednesday, March 24 at 5:30 Eastern / 2:30 pm Pacific

Where: On Zoom

Who: All Ages

How: Click here to register

Why: Lift up someone else by creating personalized “Thinking of You” cards. We will send your heartfelt creations to our isolated, older adult clients. In the past, this generation primarily communicated through handwritten notes and letters, so your personally-written message will be particularly meaningful.

February - Comfort the Sick

You don’t have to be a doctor to help the sick in your community feel a lot better! Just like you want to be cared for when you’re feeling unwell, you can do the same for people fighting major illnesses.

Things We Love: Crafts for Kids in Hospitals

Presented By: Arts for Little Hearts

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Stress Relief Kits for Families Staying at RMH

Presented by: Ronald McDonald House

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January - Begin With Basics

Now more than ever, many people are struggling to afford and access food, clean clothes, and hygiene products. You can help!

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Toiletry Kits for Homeless and At-Risk Families and Individuals

Presented by Imagine LA & Downtown Streets Team

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Imagine LA Activity

Downtown Streets Team Activity

Clean Your Closet for a Good Cause

Presented by Catie's Closet

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