The Give Back Hour

Do you have an hour to give?

The Give Back Hour is a virtual or thoughtfully designed in-person event that allows groups to support local nonprofits directly under the umbrella of our 10 cause areas. For each Give Back Hour, we partner with one or more of our local nonprofit partners on a direct service opportunity. In addition to direct service, PGK also has educational resources and reflection questions available to help provide additional context and information for participants. The goal of the Give Back Hour is to expose children, families, and other groups to volunteer opportunities in a comfortable and accessible environment in a way that eliminates any barriers to participation.

PGK hosts Give Back Hours occasionally throughout the year, and those sessions will be posted here when available. Give Back Hours can also be customized to meet the needs of individual schools, corporations, Scout troops, places of worship, and other groups. Let us help you plan a meaningful hour of service that will have a positive impact on the community, and you. For more information, contact us.