Why PGK? Because causes and community matter.

I’ve worked for Project Giving Kids (PGK) for a while now, and what’s been most inspiring is seeing how children and teens have not only learned many benefits of volunteering through the work we do, but has also helped create a community of like-minded and caring individuals.

My favorite part of PGK’s programs is Create the Change Day.  It’s the most unique concept I’ve seen. We gather and host a diverse group of nonprofits to introduce several hundred kids to cool, quick, and impactful volunteer opportunities and service projects on the spot! At Create the Change Day Los Angeles, I was so impressed how nonprofits left that evening with hundreds of completed projects by hundreds of local kids and teens that spent the afternoon at the event. For example, LA Family Housing and Baby2Baby went home with over 100 welcome home and hygiene kits for their clients!  Karma Rescue, an animal shelter, went home with over 100 newly crafted braided dog toys made out of donated used t-shirts! 

At PGK, our goal is to make sure young people can be exposed to meaningful opportunities for community leadership and volunteering. We want to give your kids the tools to empower themselves and develop into future leaders.

There are so many benefits to volunteering. First, it can give kids and teens a break from their always-online world. When they are on their phones or tablets, our new mobile app, the Give Back App, is giving them a way to use their screen time for good. They get to connect with people of all ages–including their own–with similar values, and grow in friendship and kindness. Kids and teens also discover the rewards of building a community that focuses on the cause they care about. I believe many of these young people will become leaders for the changes they want to promote, whether that change is economic, political, environmental, educational, or any of the many other good causes they care about.

We provide connections to local nonprofit organizations that align with your values, and connect your kids to the causes they believe in. Through our partnerships with over 100 local and national nonprofits, we connect kids, teens, and families to fulfilling and fun service opportunities. Whether you’re looking to participate in an easy service project or an ongoing volunteer effort, our organization has something for you.

In any community, it’s important that young people know how to support one another and their community through volunteering. Our young volunteers learn how they can be impactful in their communities and support the people around them. They become citizens of a community of giving leadership. Kids and teens thrive in PGK because they also develop good character. These young people grow as humans of compassion, empathy, communication, and teamwork.  These traits are what I hope for in each of our children and communities.