When the Well Runneth Over

During the month of February, we had the privilege of being featured by the Well Coffee House in Boston’s South Station as their “Nonprofit of the Month.” The Well is a cool concept – a nonprofit itself that serves up great brews and educates its customers on nonprofits around the city doing important and interesting work. We were humbled to be in such good company as organizations like Boston Cares and Cradles to Crayons, as well as partners of ours like Room to Grow and Project Bread.

But beyond just highlighting nonprofits doing good stuff, the Well Coffee House does something more too. It takes the everyday staple that is coffee and turns it into something that builds community. At Project Giving Kids, that strikes a particularly resonate chord. At our core, we are all about building community too. While we tout that early service and volunteerism cultivates empathy, makes our children stronger and puts them on a path toward greater self confidence and success (which it does!), the other side, and equally important to us, is the fact that through these early connections between kids, families and nonprofits, we stand to strengthen the very fabric of our communities. We stand to tie ourselves together by providing for the collective good of all through the amazing network of nonprofits that make our cities and towns places we all want to live, whether we are on the receiving or the giving end of the transaction.

As we gratefully accepted the Well’s month-end contribution (because yes, they dedicate a portion of their proceeds to their Nonprofit of the Month), we are reminded that when we act in the interest of others, it is often our own cup that runneth over in ways we didn’t expect or imagine.

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