What is the PGK Summer Kindness Challenge?

It’s no question that competition and challenge drive social connectedness and a sense of belonging, especially for young children. Learning to play games, win or lose, is also an important developmental milestone for all children. In some ways, being competitive is a way for kids to bond over things they have in common or hobbies they like to do.

We see this competition mentality most frequently on sports teams and in social groups at school, but imagine a world where kids bond over service and friendly competition towards a good cause! Scout troops and youth groups are known for this type of social group service, but you don’t have to be a member of a specific organization to get involved with service this summer.

Project Giving Kids has created the #SummerKindnessChallenge to help kids and families to make service a little more fun this summer. Similar to other social media campaigns and events, you can spread the message of your family’s good deeds and service, while making a bigger impact and challenging other families and friends to do the same!

The #SummerKindnessChallenge is unique in that all you have to do is tag one of the PGK social media accounts and challenge your friends – no monetary contribution is required. Spreading kindness is free this summer and you can participate in the #SummerKindnessChallenge as many times as you want!

As with any competition, prizes are a must, so PGK will randomly select winners to receive cool PGK Prize Packs!

So we challenge you and your family to participate in the #SummerKindnessChallenge. Challenge your friends and make spreading kindness a  priority for your kids this summer!

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