Top 3 Reasons to Make Service a Part of Your Child’s Summer

By Rachel Hanebutt, Communications & Outreach Coordinator, PGK-Boston

Social and emotional learning.  Empathy.  Kindness.

All of these are “hot” topics in the news and also in recent child development research, but what makes them even hotter for this summer is how easy Project Giving Kids makes it for you and your kids to make giving back to others and learning these important skills a part of your everyday life.

Normalize Giving Back

Recent work from Harvard and other institutions has focused not only on how to improve kids’ achievement scores, but also on how to increase their social and emotional skills, some of which include being kind to other people. While kindness might not become the next video game or toy anytime soon, it is inspiring to think about how just talking about being kind with your kids might help to normalize giving back and being kind to others; they won’t think twice about doing something nice if it’s something they have always done.

Summer Break Helps Them Enjoy Giving

Another reason to make service a part of your child’s summer is because summertime provides the mental break that kids need to actually enjoy giving back to others. Just as sleeping in and going to the swimming pool are that much more fun in the summer, doing special service activities and trying out new ways of helping people in the time off from school creates a great opportunity for kids to have fun while doing things for others.

Because It’s the Right Thing to Do

While these reasons are not exhaustive, the most important reason for making service a part of your child’s summer is that it’s the right thing to do. With all of the suffering in the world today, every act of kindness and every service rendered is a step in the right direction towards a more just world.

Project Giving Kids makes summer service easy, simple, and most importantly, fun! Check out the PGK Activity Finder, which is great for figuring out what you can fit into your schedule and which activities your kids will connect with most.

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