The Magic of Children at This Season, And Always

No one loves the holidays more than children. How often I’ve wished I could go back to that age when my biggest challenge was being patient enough to wait for December 25, when there was truly something magical about this season.

But even though I’m not five years old anymore, spend enough time with someone who is, and you’ll start to pick up on their spirit. The thing is, kids don’t care about the shopping that needs to be done, the cookies that must be baked, or the million-and-one things to do before the big day. They just care that it’s Christmastime.

Children can teach you a lot throughout the year, too. And so, this month, I’ve been reflecting on what PGK has accomplished in 2018 and how grateful I’ve been to be a part of it. And I’ve been inspired by the generosity and caring shown by all the PGK kids across the country.

The first Create the Change Day LA was a great success – along with days in San Francisco and Boston. The refreshed PGK site was launched, with a beautiful new interface and updated functionality. And kids from coast to coast shared their time, talents and passion as they took part in service projects ranging from making cat toys for animal shelters to collecting socks for the homeless.

My favorite take-away from all of this, though, was a simple quote from a 9-year-old participant at the LA event: “My favorite part about Create the Change Day was thinking about what I’m doing to help other people.”