Spotlight: Kids for Positive Change

We are lucky. We get to know some of the coolest people and projects through our work, and there are so many inspiring kids and grown-ups to get to know! One such woman is Camille Licate, founder of Kids for Positive Change.

Kids for Positive Change is a multi-media educational platform with live enrichment programs and online videos for kids focused on raising awareness and taking positive action for animals, people and the planet!  Camillle knows every child has a positive idea that can light the world! And here are three of them – Reese (age 6), Morgan (7) and Mia (6).

Watch this video to see how they took a birthday party and made it yummy for others!

And if you want to know why, it’s simple. Just ask a six year old: “I think it’s important to help kids in need because I want them to stay healthy so they can live a longer life.”

Imagine if we all thought about that on our birthdays. Thank you, Reese, Mia and Morgan, for being such good examples!

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