Random Act of Kindness Day

They say it’s the little things that count. As a parent, I couldn’t agree more.

As we continue to move through this Random Act of Kindness Week, with Random Act of Kindness Day itself now upon us, it’s a great reminder that all of the little things we do for others really do add up to something big. When you consider the ripple effect of those cumulative actions, the impact is ultimately unknown.

So, as you move through your Friday today, I challenge you not just to think about the long weekend ahead and what you may hope to get out of it. Take a few moments to do one of the following:

  • Grab the tab of the person behind at the drive thru
  • Send a letter to a hurting friend or relative who’s lost a loved one or needs a pick me up
  • Look for the good in others and give a compliment (or several!) to those around you
  • Make a quick batch of cookies and drop them off with an elderly neighbor or a new mom with a “thinking of you” note
  • Simply smile and hold the door for the person coming in or out before you
  • Take an extra moment to really listen to what someone else has to say and be the comforting ear they need today

And why confine such acts to a day or a week? We challenge you to act with this kind of intentional kindness every Friday, or better yet, every day. The options are truly endless, as is the impact of all of us walking through life together in this way.

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