Making THIS Summer Meaningful

The days are getting longer, milder and greener (in some cases, downright hot!). There’s no doubt summer is on the way. After a long, dreary winter, I’m finding myself more motivated to get out and do things than I have been in months.

Summer is wonderful for spending time with friends and family or perhaps traveling, but it’s also a perfect time to shift our focus to helping others. Kids, teens and adults can all find a variety of fun, meaningful ways to get involved in their communities this season; check out some ideas below, or discover even more ideas on our Activities tool and our YouthGive mobile app.

  • Pick one habit on which you normally spend money — like getting ice cream or coffee — and put the money aside every once in a while to donate. At the end of the summer, add it up and see how much you’ve been able to give!
  • Talk with friends, family members and neighbors about causes that are important to you. You might find someone has an idea to get involved or wants to learn more about something you can share. (After all, we all need to find our inspiration somewhere.)
  • Take part in a local park, beach or river cleanup day.
  • Donate a case or two of bottled water to your local food pantry. During the hot summer months, it’s especially helpful.
  • Send a card to someone who could use some cheering up, like a friend who’s ill or has moved far away.

While you’re giving back this summer, share your story with us! We’re looking for short videos from kids and teens about their summer service experiences. Even if you don’t use our tools, we love to share stories about kids and teens doing things to make the world a better place.

Click here to quickly submit your story and provide a little inspiration to other volunteers this summer!

Remember: Your actions don’t have to be huge to be meaningful. And as Max Lucado says, “No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.” What will your ‘something’ be this summer?