Back to School Kindess List

Busy with the Back to School grind? Heading back to school soon? Project Giving Kids has created a list of great kindness-driven “to-dos” for you and your family to get this school year started on the nicest note! Here are only seven of the many ideas on our site – one for every day of the week!

1. Did you buy new crayons for school this year? Donate extra or unwanted crayons to Crayon Collection for kids who might not be able to afford new crayons for the new year.

2. While you’re at it, make more intentional, environmentally-friendly decisions when buying school supplies; buy “Green” school supplies” for your child and encourage other parents to do the same!

3. Back to school shopping means back to school tennis shoes (and good deals) – consider donating new tennis shoes to Gotta Have Sole for kids who can’t afford new shoes this year and teach your kids the importance of donating extra goods to those in need.

4. While school supplies are at their lowest costs, have your child pick out a couple extra school supplies to donate to Schools on Wheels’ School Supply Drive for Homeless Students.

5. Not sure what to buy? You can always donate at your local Walmart or other shopping center. Oftentimes there are boxes outside of shopping centers or schools for this purpose!

6. Are your kids excited to play sports this year? Have them pick out great books about sports and donate them to Doc Wayne’s All About Sports Book Drive! This is a fun and creative way to get your kids excited and to teach them compassion at the same time!

7. Imagine not having your family see you off on your first day of school. For children in the foster system, the new days of school can be tough. Consider filling a nice duffel bag or “sweet case” with hygiene products, books, crayons, and blankets for foster kids served by Together We Rise.

What is your favorite “to-do” in our list? We want to know! #GivingKIDS

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