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Decorating placemats for older care home residents at Create the Change Day 2018


Aid the Elderly

As people get older, their lives change. In some ways, it’s wonderful. In other ways, it can be difficult. Families grow up and move away, which can leave some older adults on their own to do tasks that once seemed easy. 

In many ways, seniors are just like you, only older. And just like you, sometimes they need a little extra help and someone to keep them company.


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Did you know…

~47 million
seniors are in the U.S.

26% of older women
live completely alone

Only 3% of seniors
live in a nursing facility. The rest are figuring things out at home.

How can you help?

It can be intimidating to spend time with someone much older than you. But you’ll soon find out how much you can both help each other. If the linked activities aren’t available in your area, use them as inspiration for how you can help someone where you are.

  • Go grocery shopping. For some seniors, going to the grocery store on a regular basis can be a challenge. Offer a ride or volunteer to make a trip to a senior in need. Start shopping.
  • Help them celebrate. No one wants to spend their birthday alone. Make a card and give a little gift of essential toiletry items to make a senior’s special day brighter. Learn more.
  • Play a game. Checkers. Chess. Scrabble. Playing a game with a senior will provide you both with some brain fitness and fun. Get to playing.
  • Teach them technology. Just like you need extra help learning something new, so do older adults. Some of today’s essential technologies that are easy to you are new to seniors. Want to be a tech tutor?
  • Find a cause you love. Pick an issue or project in your community that speaks to you – and speak up. Start your search now.

These are just a few of the inspiring partners we work with to aid the elderly:

  • Ethos. They help seniors stay independent and live at home as long as possible with in-home and community services. (Boston)
  • St. Vincent Meals on Wheels. They make home-cooked meals for seniors and deliver them to their homes. It’s more than a meal, though; it’s a smile and friendly hello, too. (Los Angeles)
  • San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living. They help older adults in the San Francisco Bay Area access resources and programs to help them connect to their community and stay as independent as possible. (SF Bay Area)
  • Heart & Minds Activity Center. This partner brings adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s together with toddlers for fun daytime activities. They offer volunteer opportunities for people ages 15+. (SF Bay Area)



Crafting festive holiday decorations and greeting cards to go with meals delivered to older adults, many of whom live alone, at Create the Change Day 2019

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Want to help older adults in your community? Start by learning about them and seeing life from their point of view.

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Elementary school readers



Mr. George Baker
by Amy Hest



The Old Woman Who Named Things
by Cynthia Rylant




Say Hello, Lily
by Deborah Lakritz


A Picnic in October
by Eve Bunting (Author) and Nancy Carpenter (Illustrator)



Online Resources

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