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Crafting snuggly blankets for rescue animals at Create the Change Day 2019


Aid the Animals

Animals have a special place in our hearts. Just like people and our planet, they need help, too.

Sometimes pets are left without homes and animals in nature lose their habitats. They can be put in scary situations, and many species around the world are facing extinction.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help animals have a safe, happy place in our world.


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Did you know…

1 million
animal species and plants are now facing extinction due to the current climate emergency

~6.5 million
U.S. pets go to shelters every year

1.5 million
dogs and cats are killed at shelters each year because they aren’t adopted or shelters don’t have room to fit them all

— the number of organizations working to rescue animals in North America alone.

How can you help?

Whether it’s a homeless pet or an endangered creature in the wild, there are lots of ways you can give back to the animals in your community – and around the world. 

  • Donate to a shelter. It takes hundreds of pounds of food and supplies to feed and care for animals in shelters every day. Start a goods drive to collect food, blankets, toys and more, and donate to an animal shelter near you. Be sure to contact the shelter you want to support first to see what they really need.
  • Spend time at a shelter. Another way to give back to local shelters and zoos is to volunteer your time to help with things like cleaning and feeding and to offer an extra set of hands to care for the animals. Many have programs for teens and some welcome younger kids accompanied by adults. Attending educational programs offered by shelters and rescue organizations can also be powerful, so you can spread the word to others about what’s going on and how to help.
  • Make a toy or blanket for a homeless pet. Love crafts and making things with your hands? You can make a braided toy or a quilt or no-sew blanket to help a pet in a shelter feel a little more comfortable until they find their forever home. 
  • Become a foster family. If your family is able, you can provide a temporary, loving home to a shelter animal and get them ready for adoption (while also opening up space at the shelter). 
  • Find a cause you love. Pick an issue or project in your community that speaks to you. Start your search now.

And remember: Your voice is powerful. Speak up for animals because they can’t speak up for themselves.  

These are just some of the inspiring partners we work with to help animals across the nation:

  • The Gentle Barn. They save animals from dire situations and give them a forever home, while also teaching kids how to be compassionate to animals. (Los Angeles)
  • Karma Rescue. This group seeks to educate on all the issues impacting animals and how we can be better helpers. (Los Angeles)
  • MSPCA Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center. They find homes and provide veterinary care for thousands of animals each year in the Boston area. (Boston)
  • Town Cats of Morgan Hill. They alleviate the suffering of stray, abandoned, unwanted and feral cats, and advocate for all cats. (SF Bay Area)


Making catnip-filled toys for rescue cats at Create the Change Day 2018

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You already love animals, and these books and resources will help you understand and appreciate them even more. 

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Elementary school readers


One White Dolphin
by Gill Lewis





A Street Dog’s Story
by Eric Whittington (Author), Tracy Whittington (Author), and Alessandro Vene (Illustrator) 




How to Heal a Broken Wing
by Bob Graham

Middle school readers



Wild Rescue (Series)
by Jan Burchett




by Carl Hiaason




by Eliot Schrefer


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