Ready to Achieve Justice for All?

Start a Library for Other Kids!


1-2 hours


In your community: collect books at home, school, camp, place of worship, local businesses, etc. 


Ongoing activity throughout the year.


Class, scout troop, or other group of like-minded kids (assumes an adult is also involved in the facilitation, but activity is geared toward group involvement and can be primarily executed by the children involved).


By completing a book drive and starting a library, you can improve literacy, education, and self-empowerment in Africa. Africa has the highest percentage of illiteracy in the world. Books are the key to increasing literacy, and literacy is the #1 tool out of poverty.


The African Library Project changes lives book by book by starting libraries in Africa. Our grassroots approach mobilizes volunteers, young and old, in the United States and Canada to organize book drives and help establish small libraries in rural African communities. Our method makes a concrete and personal difference for children and communities on both continents.

Regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic: African Library Project wants to wish our community and their loved ones the best during this troubling time. Know that we are working around the clock to make sure books are still able to get to their destination – in the hands of children who need them.

Note: Book drive mailing deadlines are subject to change due to Covid-19 More details to come.


You will need to collect 1,000 books and raise $500 to start a small library in Africa. A generous spirit, time, and energy also help!


There are no special requirements to complete this activity, but we encourage you to review our Book Drive Guidelines before registering. 


Read our Book Drive Guidelines to learn all you need to know to collect, sort, pack and then mail your books to our warehouse, where they will be containerized for shipment to Africa.

Great resources and instructions can be found HERE!

See VIEW INSTRUCTIONS for more details.


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.
Sending or dropping off items to a nonprofit? Don't forget to tell them you found them through PGK! Download and print a packing slip here.

Step 1: Register and Plan the Perfect Book Drive

  • Register for a book drive by clicking Take Action
  • Identify places where you can find books
  • Spread the word about your book drive
  • Brainstorm how to fundraise about $500 for shipping
  • Learn about your school match and the African nation and community you’ll be contributing to

Step 2: Collect and Sort Your books

  • Figure out the types of books you’ll need to collect 
  • Create collection opportunities in convenient locations
  • Strive to collect books that are culturally diverse and representative
  • Be creative and keep people updated on your progress 
  • Sort your book donations (as you go) using our Book Drive Guidelines and Do and Don’t list

Step 3: Pack Your Books Carefully

  • Gather the recommended packing materials
  • Keep count of the number of books packed in each box
  • Pack your boxes securely and to a weight of no more than 40 pounds each
  • Affix your African Library Project mailing labels (The mailing label and packing slip will be provided by your container manager.)

Step 4: Mail, Donate, and Leave the Rest to Us

  • Mail your boxes using US Postal Service Media Mail (about $250)* or use an alternative method
  • Send the remaining $250 as an international shipping donation to us
  • Email your book drive summary stats and be sure to let us know that you found this activity through PGK!
  • Celebrate! You did it. Kindly fill out the PGK impact form.