Ready to Aid The Animals?

Star In Your Own PSA Video



From your home or classroom


All year long


None (can pretty much be done by high school kids with minimal adult involvement)


Did you know last year 30,000 dogs were taken into Los Angeles shelters? Education is critical to addressing the companion animal overpopulation problem and empowering people of all ages to make an immediate impact on the community. In making a PSA (public service announcement) that helps provide that education, you are helping solve this important problem!


Be a voice for those who can't speak for themselves - educate your community about humane animal treatment and how to make an immediate impact on the homeless animal overpopulation problem!


1) Access to the  internet to do initial research

2) Cell phone, tablet or digital camera to record video

OPTIONAL: Free iPhone/iPad or android video editing apps found in iTunes and/or Google Play stores.


This is an activity specific to high school students with the videos intended to reach vulnerable communities where education is critical to help reduce the homeless animal population and teach more humane habits.


Create your PSA according to the instructions provided. Then post your video to social media, tagging Karma Rescue. You can also email us at to be posted to the Education page on the Karma Rescue website.



Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.

1. Pick an animal welfare topic that appeals to you. For example:

  • Save a Life - Adopt don't shop
  • Reduce # of Homeless Pets - Spay/neuter is cuter
  • Shelter (older and/or special needs) Dogs Make Great Pets Too
  • Be an Animal Advocate - Volunteer, foster, rescue today!
  • Proper Pet Care = Happy, Healthy Fido

2. Research your topic. Pick three main points to communicate in the video.

3. Storyboard your video. Layout facts to support your three main points. Total time for your video should be <90 seconds.

4. Gather images. Take pictures (or find online) to illustrate/support your key facts.

5. Film. Have someone hold your phone/camera or set it up in a stationary location to film. Hold up pictures at the appropriate point.

6. Review and re-film, as necessary, until you are happy with your results.

7. Email, text, Instagram, and Facebook the video to your personal networks asking them to share. Tag local animal rescues to post on their social media platforms too! When posting your video, tag Karma Rescue using these handles:

  • Instagram: @karmarescueorg
  • Twitter: @KarmaRescue
  • Facebook: Karma Rescue

BONUS: Instead of filming with pictures in hand, download a FREE android app like "CAMU" or "SNAPSPEED" (found in Google Play store) for a simple way to combine your video and photos, as well as add text. (Similar apps can be found in iTunes for iPhones, iPads, etc.)

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