Ready to Help Other Kids?

Sole Cents: Fundraising


2-4 hours


In your community.


All year long


This activity is best suited for the whole family.


For every $10-20 of change that you can collect, a homeless child receives a new pair of shoes that makes them feel special and helps provide something they need every day!


This activity is collecting pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters from family and friends! (Dollars work too!)


1. A tub with a Gotta Have Sole Foundation label on it to collect the coins

2. Brochures from Gotta Have Sole that explain where these socks and sneakers are going. You can print these from

Optional Extra Step:

3. A place to gather to make cards, stuff socks and label the boxes of the shoes purchased with the money you raised




Figure out when and where you plan to run your coin collection. For more information on how to get started, contact Nicholas Lowinger or Lori Lowinger at See VIEW INSTRUCTIONS for details. 


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.
Sending or dropping off items to a nonprofit? Don't forget to tell them you found them through PGK! Download and print a packing slip here.

1. Get a good coin-collecting tub or jar. Decorate it and write Gotta Have Sole on it - or print a Gotta Have Sole label from the website to attach.

2. Ask your family and friends to save their loose change and collect the coins in your donation jar.

3. A parent or grown up will have to help exchanging those coins for dollars at a bank. Then the grown up can keep the dollars and write a check to the Gotta Have Sole Foundation.

4. All the loose change you've collected will go towards a great cause - making sure homeless kids can have new sneakers for school and fun. 

5. Optional Extra Step: If you wish, we’ll use the money you send to buy the shoes needed for kids at a homeless shelter near you. Contact us at to find out which shelters we may be currently working with near you.

For those in the Massachusetts/Connecticut/Rhode Island area: Gotta Have Sole will purchase the needed shoes and set up a time for you and your family/friends to help us get the shoes ready for delivery, including making cards, stuffing socks and labeling the boxes. (Please note that while we are based out of Rhode Island, we can arrange a time to come to you to do this final step.)

6. Be sure to let us know that you found this activity through PGK.

7. Kindly fill out this PGK impact form when you’ve completed the activity.