Ready to Comfort The Sick?

Snack Packs for Kids and Families


30-60 Minutes


At home, school, or any space where you can assemble these packages!


Throughout the year




These packs allow families and kids to grab healthy, nutritious snacks when they are on the go or at the hospital for long days. Not having to worry about having food prepped every day saves money and allows families to spend more time with each other during a challenging chapter of their lives.


Families and kids staying at a Ronald McDonald House are often on the go or at the hospital for long periods of time throughout the day. You can help make life a little easier by putting together individual bags filled with healthy, non-perishable snacks for families to take with them.


  • Granola and protein bars
  • Snack-size crackers, pretzels and chips
  • Snack-size cookies
  • Snack-size trail mix, dried fruit and nuts
  • Snack-size popcorn
  • Fruit cups and fruit squeezes
  • Pudding and jello cups
  • Bottled water (8oz)
  • Juice packs
  • Any necessary utensils


Make sure all items are unopened, non-perishable, and pre-packaged as individual snacks. Check for expiration dates! Please, no expired food.


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Then check out the step-by-step instructions in VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started!

*If you are unable to get a group together to pack snack bags, please consider reviewing our Amazon wish lists and donating items for our Houses instead.

Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House Wish List

Pasadena Ronald McDonald House Wish List

Orange County Ronald McDonald House Wish List

Inland Empire Ronald McDonald House Wish List


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.
Sending or dropping off items to a nonprofit? Don't forget to tell them you found them through PGK! Download and print a packing slip here.
  1. Purchase supplies listed in the Items Needed section to make at least 50 snack bags.
  2. Assemble bags.
  3. Choose a Southern California Ronald McDonald House from the list below to donate your bags to, and either send or drop off the bags when ready.
  4. Be sure to let us know that you found this volunteer activity through PGK and Create the Change 2022.
  5. Kindly fill out this PGK impact form when you’ve completed the activity.

Southern California Ronald McDonald Houses:

Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House - 1250 Lyman Place, Los Angeles, CA 90029

Pasadena Ronald McDonald House - 763 South Pasadena Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105

Orange County Ronald McDonald House (*Please call ahead to arrange a drop-off day and time 714-639-360) - 802 W. Culver Ave., Orange CA 92868

Inland Empire Ronald McDonald House - 11365 Anderson Street, Loma Linda, CA 92354