Ready to Comfort The Sick?

Saturday Meal Delivery


2-4 hours


Volunteers come to Community Servings at 18 Marbury Terrace in Jamaica Plain at 9:00 am on their scheduled Saturday and pick up their bags and route.

Volunteers deliver meals to the specified addresses and then return any underlivered food to Community Servings. Volunteers usually have between 5-8 stops. All stops are within the Greater Boston area.


Ongoing activity throughout the year


Family (ideally structured for family engagement)


At Community Servings, we believe in the power of food to heal and bring hope to our clients who are critically and chonically ill. These folks cannot get to the store or cannot prepare food for themselves or their families. That is where you come in! We need volunteers and their families to help deliver a week's worth of food to our clients. You are not only preventing them from going hungry, and bringing them delicious food, you are showing that they are not forgotten, that they are important to society and should have good healthy food in their time of need. 


Do you like Do you like brightening someone's week? Help us deliver meals to our community members who are suffering from illness. You will deliver to them a week's worth of delicious food and snacks that they can enjoy all week long. Our clients cannot physically get food or provide meals for their families, so we provide them with comforting meals. You and your family can do this activity together. 


1. Parent or guardian willing to drive a vehicle for deliveries

2. CORI background check/form for the volunteer and the parent/guardian

3. Commitment to taking on a route one Saturday per month for a minimum of 6 months


Must have a family member to drive the vehicle. The family member who signs up as the "registered volunteer" should be the parent/guardian. 


Talk as a family to figure out if you can make Saturday deliveries and follow the instructions provided. If you have any questions, please call Alexandra Fioretti at 617-522-7777 X228 or email at Must have a family member to drive the vehicle.


(617) 522-7777

Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.

1. Identify a family member who can drive the car needed to make Saturday deliveries.

2. You, and that person (the driver), then must attend a volunteer orientation on a Wednesday of your choosing at 6:00 pm at Community Servings (18 Marbury Terrace, Jamaica Plain MA 02130).

3. After completing an orientation session, volunteers (parents/guardians) must submit a CORI form which we will provide. If the CORI is passed, we will set you up with your Saturday and routes. 

4. Begin your route on your designated Saturday of each month (for a minimum of six months) and know you are making a big difference in the lives of the hungry and homebound!

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