Ready to Help Fight Hunger?

Lunch Cook - Prepare a meal for the women of On The Rise


2-4 hours


In your kitchen (followed by a delivery to ours in Cambridge)


Check out available dates here! And sign up on a date(s) that works for you.


Thank you!


Mom, dad or other grown-up to assist in the kitchen and with drop-off to 341 Broadway in Cambridge.


A warm meal is something we sometimes take for granted, as they are typically a part of daily life for many of us. But homeless women do not often have that luxury, as they lack regular access to a kitchen and the supplies they need to cook. By making a warm, delicious meal for women who might not otherwise have something to eat, you will fill their bellies and provide them with important nutrition...and the gift of knowing you care!


Help feed homeless women who might not otherwise be able to have a hot meal every day. By cooking a meal for On The Rise, you will help women enjoy the comforts of home while providing important nutrition we all need. It is as simple as making a meal of your choice that feeds 20-25 people, and bringing it to On The Rise during our lunch drop-off hours (8-11am). 


Varies depending on meal to be cooked (check your recipe for all necessary ingredients and cooking supplies)


Anyone who enjoys cooking for a crowd would make a great volunteer. No experience is necessary to support On The Rise!


Figure what meal you plan to make and schedule a delivery date in advance by visiting this link. For questions or more information, contact Maddie Porter, Development & Engagement Coordinator, at or (617) 497-7968 ex: 36. 


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.

1. Identify what meal you plan to make and all the necessary ingredients and supplies you will need. If you have questions about the meal and/or meal guidelines, contact Maddie Porter, Development & Engagement Associate, at

2. To schedule a delivery date in advance, visit this link via Meal Train. On The Rise will receive an alert that you're delivering lunch.

3. On the day you plan to deliver your meal, kindly ensure your meal prep space is sanitized and that your hands are washed prior to and throughout your cooking experience. Please tie back any loose hair and survey your work space to prevent anything unforeseen from falling into the food.

4. The entrée should serve 20-25 adults. Sides and dessert are optional. (Fresh fruit is encouraged with lunch donations.) Some of the ladies' current favorites are hearty soups, meat & veggie stews, chowder, chicken & rice, pork loin, beef chili, stir fry, pasta (lasagna, spaghetti with meatballs), shepherd's pie, chili and tacos.

5. Label ingredients so women can make a healthy choice for themselves, and in case of dietary restrictions.

6. Prepare items in disposable containers (preferably) or label your dishes (label both lids and bases) with your name; we will clean them and have them ready for pick-up.

7. Provide instructions, if we need to reheat lunch. Kindly do not deliver raw or uncooked items. (Please check the meat to ensure it's cooked through.)

8. Drop-off is between 8am – 11am at 341 Broadway, Cambridge, MA. If you need to deliver the day prior, please call to make an appointment.

*In case of inclement weather, please call On The Rise at (617) 497-7968 to ensure we're open. And if you're in a hurry, please call ahead and we’ll meet you curbside to accept your lunch!

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