Ready to Help Other Kids?

Host a VIRTUAL Friendship Chapter!


30-60 Minutes


From home and with your student colleagues!


Ongoing activity throughout the year. Best Buddies clubs meet continuously throughout the school year at their respective schools, virtually!


Teachers and other students!


By joining Best Buddies, you will help make your school a better place by including kids with special needs and creating a safer environment for everyone. Plus, you will make new friends and have lots of fun, too!


Make new friends by joining or starting a Best Buddies club at your school or in your community! These clubs bring together students with and without special needs to begin one-on-one friendships and help to make schools more inclusive!

Host a virtual chapter or citizens activity, share your special talents with our participants in an interactive virtual event (Trivia, virtual arts and crafts, share your favorite recipe in an interactive cooking segment, lead a virtual yoga class, host a virtual field trip- the possibilities are endless).


Depending on if there is already a club at your school or not, you will need different things. If there is already a club, you will not need any supplies, just the time to spend with your new buddy. If you want to start a new club at your school because there isn’t one already, you will need to talk to 2 teachers to advise the club, find a group of other students to help you run the club, and you may occasionally need supplies to run the club like food, supplies for arts & crafts, or decorations.


Best Buddies clubs are currently in middle schools, high schools, and colleges, so volunteers would need to be attending one of those to participate in a chapter.


If you are interested in joining/starting Best Buddies at your school, please contact Jazzmine Santos-Kendrix or call (925) 708-6897. See VIEW INSTRUCTIONS for details!


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.
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1. Look at this map to see if your school currently has a Best Buddies club.

2. If they do/don’t, then email Jazzmine Santos-Kendrix or call (925) 708-6897 to find out more information and how to get involved.

3. Jazzmine will give you more information on how to join a current club or start your own at your school.

4. Be sure to let Jazzmine know that you found this opportunity through PGK!

5. Kindly fill out this PGK impact form when you’ve completed the activity.