Ready to Help Other Kids?

Host a Collection Drive for Room to Grow


2-4 hours


You choose the place: at home, at school, local business, place of worship, scout or girl scout troop.

Drop off Items at either place:  

Hyde Park: 63 Sprague Street, Hyde Park, MA 02136
10am-4pm Monday through Friday, 10am-2pm Saturdays

South End: 


  1. Bins, baskets and/or boxes to collect items
  2. Posters (Room to Grow staff can assist with ideas)
  3. Computer/email to help promote your drive

You can host a drive to collect a range of items we accept or choose to run a drive with a focus on a specific item. Here are some ideas:

  • Shoes (infant to size 11)
  • Toys (appropriate for newborn to age 3)
  • Pajamas (up to size 5T)
  • Board Books
  • Winter coats (up to size 5


Please do not drop off items outside of the posted times.  Thank you!


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.
  1. Decide what baby items to collect for Room to Grow. You can collect one type of thing, like books, or you can collect all items Room to Grow collects. (See the list below or click here for a full list of items. Our urgent needs list is accessible here.)
  2. Choose a date (s) and location for your drive. Collection drives can last as long as you choose – from one week to one month – it is entirely up to you. Don't forget to register your drive with us too.
  3. Make posters (or ask for help from Room to Grow), and spread the word!
  4. Start collecting items. Have your bins accessible for deliveries if you are not available. You may want to check your bins periodically and clear them out, as necessary, to make room for additional donations.
  5. When your drive is over, please work with a parent or friend who can help you bring the items to either location at the times posted.
  6. Please call (617) 859-4545 when you are 5 minutes away to ensure that someone from our team can be ready for your donation. 
  7. When you arrive, we will help unload the car, and then you can visit our space to learn more about Room to Grow and the children you are helping!
  8. Be sure to let them know you found this opportunity through PGK!

Additional Step:

  1. If you collect several items, your group can help pre-sort the items if you want an additional activity. Divide the clothing, toys and books into different bags. Then, divide clothing by size.

*Be sure to send us a picture of your collection drive. We would love to share what you've accomplished with others!  Post pictures on social media with: #ProjectGivingKids #RoomtoGrowOrg

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