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Folding & Bundling Sheet Sets


2-4 hours


The pickup for the unmatched sheets are during our designated Wednesday donation drop-offs from 1:45pm-3:15pm. 

Once the sheets are picked up at Welcome Home, the volunteer will take home the unmatched sheets.

In the quiet and COVID-safety of your own home, volunteers will fold and bundle the sheets. Once the bundles are prepared and ready to be returned for shelving at Welcome Home, the bundles are to be returned the following Wednesday to drop off and pick up more bedding. This is an ongoing project for the volunteers.


Directions to Welcome Home:

Welcome Home is located in Trinity Church, 11 Homer Street in Newton Centre. Our door and donation drop-off location is at the back of the church, on Furber Lane (a one-way street off of Homer Street).



Our designated Wednesday donation drop-offs operate on a weekly basis which is the time needed to fold and bundle the newly formed sheet sets.




All our donations support Welcome Home's mission to provide individuals and families with household items. We collect gently used/like new donations to keep the items in circulation and out of landfills.


Looking for volunteers to fold and bundle bedding sets from unmatched sheets donated to Welcome Home. 


Might consider having a measuring tape on hand to size and match up the sheets into sets.

Ribbon or a sturdy material to wrap the sheet sets up into bundles.



Minimum age: 10 or 11 years old depending on the volunteer's ability to measure and fold the bedding.

Assistance will be required by an adult.



Contact Welcome Home at 617-454-4795 or email us at to get into the rotation for picking up the sheets today! See VIEW INSTRUCTIONS for details.


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.
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  1. Contact Welcome Home at 617-454-4795 or by email at to be added to the sheet rotation.
  2. Arrive at the Welcome Home donation drop-off site (see directions above) on your Wednesday. Pull up curbside and masked to receive the sheets.
  3. Take the sheets home to be fold and bundle.
  4. Return fold and bundled sheets the next Wednesday to the donation drop-off where you can get a new batch of sheets to fold.
  5. Be sure to let us know that you found this volunteer opportunity through PGK!
  6. out this PGK impact form when you’ve completed the activity.