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Donation Drive To Help the Homeless


More than 4 hours


You pick the place (such as your school, church, synagogue, local business, etc.).


All year long


Mom, Dad or other grown-up to help with the donation delivery


Many of the basic items we use every day are not readily available to those with limited incomes. By conducting a collection drive at your school, church, synagogue, or local business, you will help make sure that the people/families we work with have access to items like clean clothing, toiletries and other daily essentials.


Host a donation drive at home, your school, church, synagogue, local business or other establishment to collect supplies needed for the programs we run at the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission.


  1. Large boxes or storage bins for collecting donations
  2. Poster board / markers for making signs for collection boxes
  3. Review the current needs list!


Cassie Leon
(818) 960-0405


Decide when and where you will host your donation drive. For questions or to discuss what kind of drive would be most helpful at the current time, please contact Breanna Shearin to coordinate donations at or at (818) 960-0410.

See VIEW INSTRUCTIONS below for more details.


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.
Sending or dropping off items to a nonprofit? Don't forget to tell them you found them through PGK! Download and print a packing slip here.
  1. Contact Breanna Shearin to coordinate donations at or at (818) 960-0410 to find out what types of items we are most in need of before setting up your donation drive.
  2. See our current needs list.
  3. Once you know what items you will be collecting, make signs and set up your collection boxes/bins at the location(s), clearly indicating what you are collecting, how long your collection will last, and that your collection will benefit the people served by the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission. We suggest running your collection for at least two weeks.
  4. Tell friends, family, neighbors, teammates and others about your collection and encourage them to donate. Email and social media are great ways to share news of your drive.
  5. Collect items from the bins during the course of your collection drive.
  6. At the end of your collection period, contact Breanna Shearin at or at (818) 960-0410  to set up a time to deliver your donations. (Please note: In some instances, particularly for drives involving larger items, a pick-up by one of our drivers can be scheduled.)
  7. Be sure to let us know that you found this volunteer activity through PGK.
  8. Kindly fill out this PGK impact form when you’ve completed the activity.