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Decorate and Assemble Kids Snack Bags


1-2 hours


This is an at home activity.


Throughout the year




Kid’s Bags will be distributed to every child in a family that shops on Wednesday afternoon at the Newton Food Pantry which is located at Newton City Hall. The decorated bags will be filled with a variety of child-friendly snack foods and drinks meant to be enjoyed by kids between meals during the school week.


In an effort to provide extra food to the children we serve at the Newton Food Pantry, we distribute kids' snack bags for the children of our clients each time they come to the Pantry. We encourage you to use your artistic skills to decorate the bags (according to below) guidelines and then fill each bag with the standard contents. These kid friendly snacks contained in bags decorated with joy and love have brought smiles and nourishment to our youngest clients. 


  • White paper bags must be 8” x 4.75” x 10” with handles.  These can be ordered on Amazon (similar to here) or purchased at Michael’s (similar to here).

Each Kid’s Bag must include the following:

  • 1 individual microwavable container of Mac & Cheese, Chef Boyardee spaghetti or similar pasta (2.5 to 5 oz serving size)  
  • 1 snack size fruit cup (oranges, peaches or mixed fruit)
  • 1 fruit (apple sauce) &/or vegetable pouch
  • 1 or 2 Quaker oatmeal packets
  • 1  granola bar, any kind (NO peanuts or nuts) 
  • 1 small single serving boxed milk (white or chocolate)
  • 1 Capri Sun (or similar) 100% juice box or packet
  • 1 Keebler (or similar) snack size cracker pack
  • 1 Popcorn, Pop Corners snack bag, Goldfish or Cheez-Its packet


Ages 8 -12 need adult supervision

Please complete a minimum of 10 kids bags






In order to ensure that there are enough Kid’s Bags for our clients every week, we ask that you create a minimum of 10 Kid’s Bags. Click on "VIEW INSTRUCTIONS" below for details!


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.
Sending or dropping off items to a nonprofit? Don't forget to tell them you found them through PGK! Download and print a packing slip here.
  1. Purchase bags and products to fill them.
  2. Please decorate the bags before you fill them. Since children find so much joy in self-expression, it is our hope that the bags will be “decorated” for all to enjoy and that you will consider working with your child(ren), family members, neighbors, or groups on decorating Kid’s Bags!  The guidelines for decorating bags are the following:
    • White paper bags must be 8” x 4.75” x 10” with handles.  These can be ordered on Amazon (similar to here) or purchased at Michael’s (similar to here).
    • All art must be non-secular and appropriate for all children in our diverse community. “Free art” is encouraged as are seasonal (winter, spring, etc.) themes, original patterns and designs. Please no representations of holidays.
    • The use of drawing materials including markers, crayons, and colored pencils of different sizes, watercolor paints and a variety of stampers, stickers are encouraged  Children of all ages (Toddlers – School age) will be receiving the snack bags.
  3. Once completed, please email Marilyn Crone at to confirm the number of bags you are filling and to make arrangements for drop off at the Newton Food Pantry. We typically plan two mornings, mid- month for drop off of filled bags.
  4. Please provide feedback on the activity with PGK and share your impact with us in this survey
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