Ready to Help Other Kids?

Creating "Welcome To The Team" Bags


30-60 minutes


From your kitchen table, your classroom, or anywhere else you meet up with the friends who are going to help you


All year long


Class, scout troop, or other group of like-minded kids (a little help from a grown-up is likely needed too)


Think about how you feel on the first day of school when you don't know anyone in your class. You probably feel a little nervous, right? For kids entering the Doc Wayne program, the first day of "Chalk Talk," our special program, is like the first day of school. They don't know anyone yet. Our kids also have another challenge. Sadly, they sometimes don't always feel loved and accepted, either by their classmates or by their families. By creating "Welcome To The Team" bags for these kids, you show them that they belong. It helps them feel a little less nervous and a little more loved.


Doc Wayne helps youth who have experienced difficult life circumstances feel that they belong, that they are special, and that others care about them through the fusion of sports and therapy. You can help by creating "Welcome To The Team" bags that Doc Wayne participants will receive when they enter the program.


1. Sports bag (or multiple, if creating several)

2. Small sports equipment that can fit in the selected bag(s)

3. Healthy, pre-packaged snack

4. Paper and markers to make handwritten note(s)



Decide how many bags you are going to make and follow the instructions provided. If you have questions or to schedule a time to drop off your finished bags, contact Doc Wayne at



Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.

1. Secure the sports bag you are going to use. This can be any type of bag that can hold sports equipment like sneakers or soccer balls, such as a small duffle bag, drawstring bag, or backpack. If you are making multiple "Welcome To The Team" bags, please use the same sports bag for each one you make.

2. Fill the bag with the following three items:

  • Something you can use to play sports, like sneakers, a Nerf football, or a mini soccer ball
  • A healthy pre-packaged snack (unfortunately we can't accept homemade snacks)
  • A handwritten note - this is your chance to get creative and design the best card you can! Your note should welcome a child to "Chalk Talk," our sports-based group therapy program, and tell them you hope they will enjoy the gift.

If doing this as a group project and making several bags, you may want to consider assigning different people to come up with the different items OR you could do a drive at school, a local business, a place of worship or in your neighborhood to collect the needed sports equipment and help keep the costs down.

3. Send the bag(s) to Doc Wayne where it will be used as a welcome gift for the kids in our program. Mail completed bags to:

Doc Wayne Youth Services
418 Commowealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

*If you are local to the Boston area and would prefer to drop off a large number of completed bags, please send an email to and we will gladly set up a time for you to do so.

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