Ready to Begin With Basics?

Create a Collection Box


2-4 hours


This can be done in your home, school, camp, place of worship, etc. Anywhere!


Ongoing, throughout the year.


On your own or with family, friends, and neighbors (minimal adult supervision required)


While many wonderful volunteers bring joy to families on Sundays, behind-the-scenes support keeps our organization growing! Making collection boxes helps us spread the word about Sunday Friends and collect essential items for our families in need. 


We’re so glad you are interested in creating one or more collection boxes. They are fun to make and serve a very valuable purpose, helping us collect items such as school supplies and basic necessities. And if you want to do a collection drive too, that's another great way to help!


- A collapsible cardboard box, approximately 18”wide x 18”deep x 24” tall:  Make sure it’s reasonably sturdy. (We purchase ours through U-Haul – it’s called the Dish Barrel Box.)

- 4 poster boards, probably white

- Giant garbage bag

- Clear packing tape

- Scissors

- Glue

- Markers, colored paper, and various other craft supplies

- You will also need to print out flyers about Sunday Friends (provided)



Make sure you have thoroughly examined the instructions on our webpage.  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at or (408) 217-9587 and provide the following information: Name/group and group leader name, contact info, estimated no. of boxes you will be decorating, expected date of completion, and whether you are also doing a drive (or just making boxes).



Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.
1. Assemble the boxes and set them upright.  Tape the bottoms, but lightly so the tape can be removed later.  Tuck in the top flaps.
2. Trim the poster boards to be the same size as the sides of the boxes minus about an inch on each edge.
3. Attach a trimmed poster board to each of the four sides of each box, using packing tape.
Tip: Please make sure that you don’t do anything that will prevent the box from being collapsed then assembled again without damage.
4. Start decorating! Pay close attention to instructions and use appropriate Sunday Friends flyers.
5. Optional: If you are also doing a drive, that is great! For details on how to conduct a school supply drive, including creating a customizable flyer, visit the Sunday Friend's school supply drive page. For details on how to do a drive for basic necessities, visit our basic necessities drive page.
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