Ready to Aid The Animals?

Craft a Homeless Dog Quilt


1-2 hours


At your kitchen table at home OR with your class or Scout troop wherever you usually get together


All year long


Class, Scout troop, or other group of like-minded kids (some adult facilitation is also necessary)


Animal shelter play areas need decoration to stimulate dogs during play time, and make the play areas more appealing for potential adopters who come looking for their next best friend. Your quilts can help!


Create a 3-D work of art that will warm the hearts of shelter dogs awaiting their forever homes, and the hearts of potential adopters coming to meet them!


1. Scissors

2. Twenty-four (24) 8" squares of white fabric - basic canvas is a good option, as markers work easily on it & it takes the color well; do not use felt

3. Thirty-five (35) 12" pieces of twine or thin, rough-textured fabric ribbon (smooth ribbon will NOT hold knots) - colorful & more yarn-like is best

4. Fabric markers in a variety of colors



Follow the instructions provided. Then drop off your finished quilt at a local animal shelter or mail the quilt to: Karma Rescue, 1158 26th Street, Suite 155PBM, Santa Monica, CA 90403. For questions, contact or call (310) 512-7833.


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.

Before You Start:

Pre-cut a small "X" on each corner of each fabric square large enough to poke the twine or ribbon through (about 1/4 inch from edges).

Decorate Fabric Squares:

1. Decide on a picture for your square that shows responsible pet ownership, such as walking/bathing a dog or visiting the vet. Younger kids can draw pictures of food/water bowls or their family pet. Older kids can communicate a theme like "adoption" by drawing a dog in a shelter kennel with phrases such as "Adopt Don't Shop."

2. Trace the image on paper for practice or for a general guideline to follow.

3. Use fabric markers to draw the animal idea/picture on the fabric square - the more colorful the better!

4. Once all squares are decorated, assemble the quilt.

Assemble the Quilt:

5. The quilt will be 6 squares wide by 4 squares deep. On the floor or another large, flat surface, lay out 2 rows of 6 squares (1 row above the other with all squares touching).

6. Where 4 corners touch each other, thread one piece of twine/ribbon through all 4 corners and then tie in a knot. (You may want to use a double knot to increase the strength of the hold.)

7. Repeat with the rest of the squares until the rows of squares are tied together at the corners. Remember to only tie squares together where 4 corners touch.

8. Lay out the third row of 6 squares above the first two rows and repeat the four-corner tying.

9. Lay out the fourth row of 6 squares above the third row and repeat the four-corner tying.

10. Once the quilt is ready, admire your handiwork!

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