Ready to Save The Planet?

Costume Closet


More than 4 hours


At your school


Throughout the school year, especially the fall season


Principal / teacher; as well as Mom, Dad or other grown-up


This activity reminds us that not everything has to be new to be cool and fun. Reusing costumes is a great and easy way to help the environment, save money, and find the best costume ever! In fact, reusing things is one of the best ways to help the environment. It saves our natural resources, reduces carbon emissions, and reduces pollution. If you choose to rent out the costumes to friends (rather than just setting up a swap), it can be a great fundraiser for your school too!


Why buy new when you can reuse? Often times kids grow out of costumes after they have only been worn a few times. Create a Costume Closet at your school where you can donate your old ones that no longer fit and get some cool "new" ones you've always wanted to try. It's a win-win for everyone, including the environment!


1) Supplies to advertise the Costume Closet (such as poster board, markers, etc.)

2) A designated place at your school, such as a supply closet or special section of an office or classroom, where the "shop" can be set up.

3) Clothing racks, hangers, and plastic bins for storage and display

4) Camera to take pictures of kids in their cool new costumes!




Get started with the instructions provided. You can also visit Grades of Green to register your school as an official Grades of Green school. Once a member, you can access all of the Grades of Green activity descriptions, along with step-by-step instructions and downloads like those you see here. Contact Grades of Green at if you have any questions.


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.

1. Talk to the principal or assistant principal to gain support for a Costume Closet at your school.

2. Ask a parent to volunteer (or a group of parents) to help you run the Costume Closet. Responsibilities of the volunteers will include advertising the Costume Closet, collecting costumes, cleaning costumes (if necessary).

3. You may also choose to rent the costumes out for periods of time as a way to raise money for your school. If you do this piece (rather than just having kids turn in a costume and swap it for another), you will also have to keep a log of the rentals and have someone in charge of recollecting costumes.

4. With your prinicipal's help, find a place at the school to store and display costumes. (This may require bins, racks, etc.)

5. Put an announcement in the local newsletter asking kids and parents to donate costumes.

6. Make sure costumes and accessories (such as hats and wigs) are clean and bug free. Often times environmentally friendly dry cleaners will donate their services in exchange for a shout out in the local newsletter.

7. Hang up your signs around school and send out an announcement in an email or newsletter telling people the Costume Closet is open for business! Coordinate with the school calendar to find out when various school activities may require costumes, and of course, make sure you open it for Halloween!

8. If you choose to rent costumes as a fundraiser, make sure you keep your prices affordable so customers keep coming back. You will also need to determine the amount of time the costume can be rented. (This should coincide with the dates you will have the Costume Closet open.) You can also set up a bin on campus for costume returns to make it really easy for everyone.

9. Take photos of the kids in costume and use them to advertise the Costume Closet.

10. Have fun!

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