Ready to Begin With Basics?

Community Service Rides


4 - 6 hours


It's a mystery!  (But our rides leave from either the Culver City Expo Line Parking Lot located at the 8800 block of West Washington Blvd, at the corner of Washington and National OR the Universal City Metro Parking Lot located at 3901 Lankershim Boulevard, Studio City)


Rides happen every month but you only need to pick one on a date that works for you


Mom, Dad or other grown-up (unless you are a teenager tackling it with friends)


By hopping on the Do Good Bus you'll be making a difference in the lives of others in your community, but you'll also make a difference in your own by meeting new people and connecting with other doGOODers!


Hop on the bus and help your community! Every month in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas we host a Community Ride to make giving back fun and easy. Activities range from working with kids to building new homes to creating guerrilla gardens. We attach a GOOD CATEGORY to each ride to give you an idea of what type of activity you’ll be doing, but the location and the project are a secret. (Who doesn't love a good mystery?!) Rides are typically on Saturday mornings and last between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the location.


  • $45 (to cover the cost of the bus and the donation given to the project/organization being served), unless otherwise noted on our site
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Lunch (option to purchase lunch also available)
  • Close-toed shoes


Minimum age requirements vary by ride. Check the website carefully when looking for a ride to join.


Check out the DGB calendar for upcoming rides and sign up online. If you have questions along the way, email Rebecca at Please note that some rides have minimum age restrictions.


(323) 316-5208

Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.

1. Check out our community ride calendar accessible at

2. Check the ride dates, GOOD CATEGORIES (see below), and minimum age requirements and find one that works for you.

3. Purchase your tickets from our website for the ride you choose.

4. Follow the instructions provided in the confirmation email you receive after purchasing your ticket.

5. Join us on the designated date to do some GOOD!


GOOD PEOPLE: This trip category is used for trips centered around helping people and will usually include large amounts of personal interaction with people you may have just met.

GOOD BOY: Like, GOOD PEOPLE, this trip is centered around interaction with people, but the small kind…the child. It is not necessary to have had prior experience working with children, but a genuine interest and sometimes a California Live Scan will be required.

GOOD EARTH: This category is for trips focused on our environment and could be anything from gardening to beach clean ups.

GOOD DOG: Ya know, helping the four-legged types.

GOOD HANDS: These events will usually involve building or making something — with your hands.

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