Ready to Help Fight Hunger?

Build a Basket To Help The Hungry


2-4 hours


Home (and/or in the community)


Baskets can be prepared anytime between April and September


Ideally done with the help of your classmates, Scout troop, neighbors or other friends


Every October, Food For Free holds one big fundraiser to help raise money so we can keep taking food that would otherwise go to waste and get it into the hands of hungry people who need it. People who come to this special event every October bid on cool items, including creative baskets full of goodies. By building a basket that Food For Free can offer in its silent auction, you help keep us going and help the hungry people we serve every day.


Choose a theme like "Made in Massachusetts" or "Chocolate Lovers' Delight" or perhaps "Homemade From the Heart" and put together a special basket of goodies that can be auctioned off at our annual fundraising gala. The silent acution is a big part of this event, which helps raise about 10% of our annual budget. This is a great project for a classroom, Scout troop or other group to do together,


1. A theme for the basket you are putting together

2. 5-10 items that go with the theme you have chosen

3. A decorative basket to hold the items you are gathering

4. Your imagination!


Baskets should be completed by September 30th so they can be ready for our event in late October.


For questions or to get started after reading the instructions, contact Alanna Mallon at


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.

There are many ways to approach this project. Start by picking a theme such as "Made in Massachusetts," "Chocolate Lovers' Delight," "Homemade From the Heart," or something else that appeals to you. Then:

1. Pick 5-10 different items to go in your basket that fit your chosen theme.

2. Figure out who in your group is going to make or buy each item. You can also see if you can find someone in your community who will donate the item you are assigned to provide. (Often if you tell a shop owner or other individual you are collecting the item for a charity, they will donate it for free.)

3.  Set a timeline for when each person is to have collected (or made) their item.

4. Have a fun gathering to assemble your basket of goodies.

5. Have a grown-up drop off the completed basket at the Food For Free office by September 30th: 11 Inman Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

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