Ready to Help Other Kids?

Book Collection and Library Makeover


More than 4 hours


At your school as well as a partner school site


During the school year


Class, Scout troop, or other group of like-minded kids (parent invovlement also required to drive and deliver books)


Many schools in our community do not have up-to-date books in their school libraries. For some, the library has been shut for years. You will help bring interesting and up-to-date books to the classrooms and help make the library a welcoming place to visit. We will bring new books to the library too that you will help catalogue. Together, we will share the gift of reading and help kids grow and learn!


Many students in our community don't have access to good books. Can you imagine never reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Harry Potter? What if your school library became old and dingy because there was no money to spruce it up or buy new books? Unfortunately, this is the reality for a lot of kids in Los Angeles, but you can make a difference. Grab your friends, collect gently used books, and help transform a school library! You can collect the books at your school, club, or Mitzvah, and then spend a Saturday sorting books and painting the library.


We provide a kit on how to do the book collection. Children are asked to collect 2,000 gently used, popular books. We provide all the other supplies.


All are welcome, but you must be in at least 4th grade to paint. Everyone can help organize books!


For more information and/or to organize your book collection, contact Meghan Cason, Library Program Director, at We will match you with a school that works with your timeframe.


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.

1. Talk to your teacher or principal about doing a book collection at your school, or find another group that wants to participate in such a drive. (Books can also be collected at a special event like a bar or bat mitzvah, birthday or other celebration.)

2. Find an adult willing to assist with the coordination and collection of books.

3. Contact Meghan Cason at Access Books at with the dates you are available to collect books and to request the book collection toolkit. We will also match you with a partner school at that time that will benefit from your collection.

4. Conduct your book collection, collecting at least 2,000 gently used books for your partner school.

5. With the help of the adult(s) assisting you, bring your collected books and a team of volunteers to the partner school on the chosen Saturday (provided by Access Books).

6. Have a wonderful day cataloguing books and transforming an old school library through paint, inspiring books and the gift of yourself!

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