Ready to Help Fight Hunger?

Bike Wash To Support Ride For Food


2-4 hours


In your community


April - September; Annual Ride For Food held in September


Some help from a parent or other grown-up just to help oversee things, and some friends (or classmates) to help you do the event


Our Food Rescue programs rescue and deliver fresh fruits, vegetables, and prepared foods, along with other healthy food including meat, milk, bread, and cereal. Our annual Ride For Food in September raises money to keep this program going. By raising money for our annual ride, you will help us get food to people who need it!


Do you like bikes? Want to make sure that everyone is able to eat the same healthy food that you and your family enjoy at home? Host a bike wash, tire-pumping station, or lemonade stand to raise money for our annual Ride For Food. The money you raise goes toward our Food Rescue programs, which rescue fresh fruits, vegetables, prepared food, and more, and delivers that food to people who need it.


What you need will depend on what type of fundraising activity you do. For a bike wash, you will need:

1. A well-traveled location so people will see your bike wash in action, along with an  open area in which to wash the bikes (a local library or popular bike path are good options)

2. Signs telling people about your bike wash and who you are raising money to help

3. Soap, sponges and a bucket for washing (a hose and easy access to a spigot for water are helpful too)

4. To



Decide when and where to hold your bike wash (or tire-pumping station, or lemonade stand) to support the Ride For Food. If you have questions and/or to get materials to pass out at your event, contact Fiona Crimmins at


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.

1. Pick a day, time, and location for your bike wash (or other event). (Two to three hours is probably a good amount of time.)

2. Check with the necessary people in charge if you plan to do it at a public place, such as a library, to make sure it is okay with them.

3. Gather all the needed items (see the list above) and some friends to help you make it happen.

4. Make your signs telling people what you are doing, how much it costs, and who you are raising money to help. (If you contact our office, we can provide you with some materials to pass out on the day of your event.)

5. Host your bike wash (or other event).

6. Thank all the people who helped you and mail the money you raised to our office at:

Food For Free
Attn: Michelle Holcomb
11 Inman Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

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