Ready to Aid The Animals?

Animal Supply Drive


2-4 hours


You choose the place: at home, at school, local business or place of worship


Throughout the year


A little help from mom or dad to drop off supplies at the end


The MSPCA takes in and cares for thousands of homeless and unwanted animals every year. By helping collect items for the animals at the MSPCA shelter, you will help make sure these animals receive the care they need.


One way you can help animals at the MSPCA is through donation supply drives. It takes hundreds of pounds of food and supplies to feed and care for the many animals the MSPCA takes in each year. We are always in need of the items on our wish list and you can help us take care of the animals by asking those in your community to pick up an extra item or two on their next visit to the store.


1. Collection boxes and materials to decorate them

2. Posters or flyers to let people know about your collection




Decide when and where to hold your animal supply drive. If you have questions or to arrange for the delivery of your collected items, please contact Shannon Noyer at


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.
Sending or dropping off items to a nonprofit? Don't forget to tell them you found them through PGK! Download and print a packing slip here.

1. Decide on a time frame for collecting donations. We suggest a couple of weeks, or even a month.

2. Decorate collection boxes to be displayed at your school, church, local businss or place of worship.

3. Create flyers on a computer or decorate posters announcing the collection. You should include the items you hope to collect. Get a list of such items from the MSPCA Wish List. Post the flyers / posters around your neighborhood or town at appropriate locations.

4. Wait for items to start rolling in. (You may want to collect the items from the collection boxes from time and time and move them to your house or another location during the course of the drive.)

5. When your drive is over, drop off all the collected materials at the Boston MSCPA. Make sure to check for hours and directions.

Another Option:

The MSPCA also has an Amazon Wish List. You could even run a collection drive from your computer! All you need is some help from a grown up to get the email addresses of those you would like to send the announcement to. In your email, explain how their support will make a difference, let them know the time frame for your drive, and include the link to the MSPCA Amazon Wish List. The rest will be taken care of by Amazon.