Ready to Help Other Kids?

All-About-Sports Book Drive


2-4 hours


In your community - at your school, camp, place of worship, a local business, in your neighborhood, or any other location of your choosing.


All year long


Class, troop, or other group of like-minded kids (some adult involvement may be required to help with planning and drop off of collected items).


Think about what you do when it is raining and you can't play sports read, of course! For kids entering the Doc Wayne program called "Chalk Talk," it is hard for them to buy fun and interesting books to read when they can't play sports because they often don't have the resources. Our kids have another challenge. Sadly, they sometimes don't always feel loved and accepted, either by their classmates or by their families. By collecting sports books for these kids, you show them that they belong, that people care, and you give them a chance to have fun and learn off the courts/fields.


Do you like sports and helping other kids?  Then this is the perfect activity for you! Doc Wayne helps youth who have experienced difficult life circumstances feel that they belong, that they are special, and that others care about them through the fusion of sports and therapy. You can help by collecting books about athletes and sports which they can receive when they start our program, so they start our program feeling cared for and excited about the things they are going to learn.


1. Computer, printer and paper to make flyers/signs

2. Large cardboard boxes or storage bins to collect donations

3. Bags or boxes for transporting (or mailing) donated items



Decide when and where to hold your book drive and follow the instructions provided. For questions or to schedule a tiime to drop off your donations, contact Doc Wayne at


Sound like fun?VIEW INSTRUCTIONS to get started.
  1. Make signs or flyers letting people know you are collecting books about sports and athletes for kids ages 5-18 years old.
  2. Let people know how long you are running your collection (at least 2 or 3 weeks is suggested) and where they should bring their donations.
  3. Be sure to ask permission before placing donation bins in your selected location(s). Mark the bins clearly with signs telling all the details of your drive.
  4. Be sure to let people know that items should be new or gently used. (We can provide you with signs and collection ideas, if desired.)
  5. Put signs in visible places, as well as on your collection boxes. (Be sure to ask first before posting signs.) Electronic flyers and social media are also great ways to get the word out! Ask family and friends to help spread the word too!
  6. Periodically check your donation bins during the course of your drive and empty out, as necessary (to make more room).
  7. At the end of the collection period, put the donations in bags or boxes for delivery.
  8. Send an email to and we will set up a time for you to drop off your donations.
  9. Deliver your donations to:

Doc Wayne Youth Services
418 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

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