"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

The PGK Story

Project Giving Kids is a nonprofit all about connecting busy kids and families to fun, meaningful and age-appropriate service activities through a unique website experience launched in November 2013.

A few years ago, Molly Yuska co-founded a philanthropy group at her church that was designed to connect families with young children to charitable organizations with service opportunities. But it was a challenge to bring these two groups together.

Informed by her extensive work in the nonprofit field, Molly began to envision what a resource like that might look like. The criteria were simple: Fun for kids; reliable and convenient for busy families; and partnered with great nonprofit organizations that could really use the compassion and energy of young volunteers.

Project Giving Kids started with a color wheel full of causes kids care about, and the belief that kids could be powerful drivers of the entire process. It continues with you and your family.

Listen to Project Giving Kids founder, Molly Yuska, talk with Southern California Public Radio KPCC about how PGK came to be.


The Team

Since founding Project Giving Kids in 2012, Molly has been focused on launching and building PGK. PGK is fortunate to have a growing board stacked with parents who are also successful professionals in their fields:

Molly Yuska, nonprofit leader and mother to four; founder of Project Giving Kids

Katie Terino, consultant and mom to three

Seema Otoya, consultant and mom of two

Jeff Kuan, product manager at Globality, Inc.

Heidi Johnson, executive director of TACSC, Charity Matters blogger, and mom of three

Ilona Barskaya - associate director, regulatory operations at Genetech, Inc. and mom to two


*PGK is looking for dynamic board members who share our passion for kids, service and technology. If interested in learning more, email us at admin@projectgivingkids.org.


Sundari Johansen, Manager of Strategic Engagement, PGK - Bay Area 

Amy Johnson, Outreach and Marketing Manager, PGK - Bay Area


The Advisory Team

Liza Batallones, Communications and Media Professional

Laurie Chan, CFO, Communications Media Solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Nishtha Chouhan, Entrepreneur

Amilia Premji Fugman, Consultant

Ruwan Gunatilake, Principal at Medley Investments

Rachel Hanebutt, Research Analyst at Global Family Research Project

Heather Jack, Assistant Director of Advancement at the Rivers School

Mike Joyce, VP of Programming at the Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester

Phil Lipof, News Anchor, NBC Boston

Julie Ngo, Pharmacist

Ali Meyers, Executive Director, Meyers Learning Center

Kyle Neal, Senior Trust Advisor, Northern Trust

Kristen Pratt, Entertainment Manager

Ashley Scatena, Consultant

Regan Schaffer, Professor of Management and Organizational Behavior, Pepperdine University

Sara Schiff, journalist/podcaster

Ethan Sim, Clinical Operations at Gilead Sciences

Heather Simpson, Actress

Monica Spehar, University Recruiting and Diversity/Inclusion Manager, Nvidia

Nathaniel Tilton, private wealth advisor

Katy Tucker, Independent HR Consultant



Our Future

We launched with a beta version of our site in Boston in November 2013. We unveiled a fresh user experience in September 2014; added our second city, Los Angeles, in March 2015; and just launched both our first-of-its-kind mobile app (YouthGive) and our Bay Area efforts in late spring 2017. While much has been done, we have much more to do. We have every hope of scaling and replicating our platform in other cities too, to the benefit of kids and nonprofits across the U.S. If you know of a city that would be great for us to consider, please let us know. And if you want to help us grow, your support is always appreciated.


*At Project Giving Kids, we believe in transparency and in being good stewards of the dollars entrusted to us for fulfillment of our mission. If you would like to see a copy of our most recent 990, conflict of interest policy or other financial/governing documents, please contact us at admin@projectgivingkids.org


"Two of the most powerful means by which children develop enduring value systems include parental modeling and experiential learning. Children are highly impressionable during the grade school ‘wonder years’, during which time these influences become internalized. Sharing charitable experiences as a family helps nurture traits such as empathy and generosity, and imprints a socially responsible lifestyle on a child’s developing brain.” – Janice R. Levine, PhD Developmental Psychologist

 "Seek to do good, and you will find that happiness will run after you." - James Freeman Clarke