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We connect kids and teens with causes.

Instantly find youth-friendly volunteer projects for the causes you believe in. Track hours with our mobile app.

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Every year, we help thousands of kids build empathy and learn to love giving back to over 100 nonprofits by sourcing and connecting them to opportunities to help the planet, shelter animals, and many thousands of people in need. Your donation is critical to continuing this work.

What We Do

As a nonprofit, our core mission is to help teach empathy and social responsibility to young people. We do that by providing technology that connects kids, teens, and families to high-quality, age-appropriate volunteer activities with our network of nonprofit partners across the country.


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Project Giving Kids (PGK) partners with nonprofit organizations in our local service areas (currently Boston, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area), as well as national nonprofits. As a partner, we can connect you directly with kids, teens, and families looking to give back. Simply create a free profile and list your youth-friendly volunteer service activities in our Give Back App and web-based activity finder through one simple, easy process.

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From the blog

Why PGK? Because Causes and Community Matter

by Sharon Elefant, Outreach & Relationship Manager,
Los Angeles

I’ve worked for Project Giving Kids (PGK) for a while now, and what’s been most inspiring is seeing how children and teens have not only learned many benefits of volunteering through the work we do, but has also helped create a community of like-minded and caring individuals.